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Thanks to Kevin Austin for mentioning a link to Paul Turner’s Remarks about how the LASFS Building Fund came to be in response to our own earlier post about the history of the LASFS clubhouse.

One of the things that I’ve found in some of my recent conversations about this blog is that it is worth pointing out that we’re talking about a long term dream.   Right now we’re still talking about the $35 initial payment into the building fund.  My hope here is to try something constructive for our communities — and that’s going to take some time to figure it out.  But in LA eventually $35 became $2000, and it can grow from there.

I like “Onward and Upward” as well.

I propose that we create a new, neutral non-profit organization with the goal of serving as a coordinating space between any and all willing fan-run organizations in the region. 

  • A small, nimble nonprofit board organization 
  • A nonprofit which has the ability and the mandate to look for larger projects benefiting multiple organizations. 

What we’re talking about here is a neutral ground, comprised of experienced leaders of fan-run organizations. 

  • Establish a basic requirement of tenure as exec, director, or other leader in a fan organization (could set additional organizational requirements too)
  • Set a limit on number of board representatives from any one organization
  • Experience and “sweat equity” would be critical components
  • Maybe invite a non-affiliated at large member as an adjunct (the way many boards often have community leaders as participants)

Participating groups would affiliate with this organization by mutual choice

  • Partner organizations would vote to affiliate through a contract arrangement. 
  • Unless otherwise agreed, relationships would be reporting relationships, rather than managerial
  • Affiliation agreements would be dissolvable by either party but only with significant lead time—at least one year. 
  • Affiliating organizations would participate in revenue sharing

Other structures may need to be analyzed and considered 

  • This organization would share out block grants to organizations with budgetary needs.        
  • This could provide nonprofit fiscal sponsorship to new regional organizations, reducing or alleviating startup requirements for nonprofit status.

Again take note of the words:

A nonprofit which has the ability and the mandate to look for larger projects benefiting multiple organizations. 

I want to put together an organization that will 
1) Have autonomy
2) Preserve participating groups’ autonomy
3) Build something bigger. 

A lot bigger. Like a community center.

A League of Wonders

A league of wonders is one evolving vision of hoped-for community building. The focus here has begun as a product of Twin Cities-based fandom and geek communities. There are desires to grow this vision regionally.

Participation in this project is voluntary and is not officially endorsed at this time. Participants are also welcome to be contrary, provided they are respectful.
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