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Thanks to Kevin Austin for mentioning a link to Paul Turner’s Remarks about how the LASFS Building Fund came to be in response to our own earlier post about the history of the LASFS clubhouse.

One of the things that I’ve found in some of my recent conversations about this blog is that it is worth pointing out that we’re talking about a long term dream.   Right now we’re still talking about the $35 initial payment into the building fund.  My hope here is to try something constructive for our communities — and that’s going to take some time to figure it out.  But in LA eventually $35 became $2000, and it can grow from there.

I like “Onward and Upward” as well.

I found a quote from one of the founders of Minn-Stf, Jim Young, from a Minicon panel in the late 1970s:

YOUNG: Well, you know, Minn-Stf has had a tradition of coming up with grand and glorious ideas well before it was ever able to do anything about them.

And I would like to think we carry on with this Minnesota Science Fiction Fan tradition today.

The Twin Cities has one of the richest Science Fiction Fandom/Geek/Whatever communities in the world. It is a big factor why I chose to live here as an adult — and I think over the years I can think of a number of people that have chosen to live in this region because of this community. And many of you can as well. And our hertitage is strong. Poul Anderson. Gordon R Dickson. John M. Ford. Dave Arneson. I’m sure I could list more, and I would forget as many names as I would remember or research. And I want to add to that list.

There are a lot of questions about where we want to go with this. What sort of organizational structure makes sense? We don’t want a remote umbrella organization telling us all what to do; we want to control our own destinies and activities. I’ve seen that pattern happen more than once, in more than one organization, and in more than one direction.

The most magical part of CONvergence for me is seeing all of the strange things that come out that were surprises because we have a community that encourages experimentation and glorious ideas — both large and small. Connie statues out of nowhere. Spontaneous on-line “panels” on twitter because of a joke programming item. Klingon Wedding Cermonies. A line of people in Steampunk gear, going up the stair way and around the hall.

This is not a new impulse, and the challenges also reach back through the years. I was doing some internet searches on the Minneapolis Fantasy Society, our Golden Age 1940s predecessors, and I was interested to see reference to “The Science-Weird Controversy” by Carl Jacobi, where he “examines the rivalry between science-fiction and weird fans”. I’d love to see that issue of The Fantasite.

And while we are looking back at our heritage as a community in this post — where I am really looking is the future. Because that is what we do.

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