A League of Wonders

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Posted on: September 11, 2009

I found a recent blog post by Seth Godin to be particularly relevant for our community building plans.

In a recent post about Organizing Customers, he describes the expense of negotiating the rights for Grease for small community theaters.

This strikes me as being very relevant to our discussions here. As a community, we do lots of things as a group — we obtain music and film rights for our events. We buy soda and snack food. We might outsource website development. We need high-powered lights and sound equipment. We need facilities for conventions and meeting facilities of a variety of sizes and shapes. We order t-shirts and other merchandise items. We rent storage pods and lockers. We have space needs and desires. Now there certainly should be independence — each event and group is different — but there are certainly some common causes where it is useful to collaborate.

Looking at all of this at once turns into an enormous problem. But if we look at this in little pieces? Break it down, spread it out and make it manageable?

Then it’s all very possible.

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A League of Wonders

A league of wonders is one evolving vision of hoped-for community building. The focus here has begun as a product of Twin Cities-based fandom and geek communities. There are desires to grow this vision regionally.

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