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Diversicon Panel Wrap Up

Posted on: August 8, 2009

We had a very positive discussion at Diversicon.

As always, we are appreciative of examples outside of the SF Community in our local area, and one great example is the Quatrefoil Library.

And one major discussion point was the library functions — we have many pieces of material that are out there, some that belong to individual organizations, but others that may belong to organizations that no longer exist as well.

And one advantage of a central space is that there are elements of our shared history; for example, reference was made to items in Mn-stf’s library about the reasons why the “serious” Minneapolis in ’73 Worldcon bid folded.  And the shadow of the Minneapolis in ’73 bid is large.

The discussion focused on several positive points.  As our first public discussion outside of CONvergence, it was emphasized that building trust amongst the organizations is going to be a big challenge.  The perception that different organizations don’t trust or respect each other is certainly out there and it has already been mentioned here, and is something that I am sure we will have further discussions and the organization will have to consider.   There have already been good thoughts on this.

One thing that we need to work out is how organizations of different sizes and resources work together — we want and desire participation from a wide variety of groups of different sizes and financial resources.

However, one of the challenges pointed out is that we aren’t looking at a commune either — we need to make sure that the dishes get washed.

Our favorite suggestion was one where it was suggested that a community center is too small and we should be considering a small town with a helipad.   But as has pointed out, if we’re looking at Leagues instead of Societies, in a 1000 years we will be Legion

1 Response to "Diversicon Panel Wrap Up"

My question is, is this community something that can be built using simple initiatives with simple goals between as few as two groups to build up trust?

Or do the community goals dictate larger steps, more complex initiatives, and multiple groups?

Or is it too early to tell the path to be taken?

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